Ukraine only owns the Azot factory in Severodonetsk


Once a day, gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. With this time the battle of Severodonetsk, which is now practically lost for Ukraine. The last Ukrainian armed forces are in the Azot factory, the rest of the city is in Russian hands.

In recent weeks, the Russians have slowly taken control of Severodonetsk, despite fierce opposition from the Ukrainian armed forces. Much of the city has already been reduced to rubble.

The last Ukrainian armed forces in the city are located in and around the Azot chemical plant. This is reported by the Ukrainian governor of Luhansk, Sergey Gaidai, the Telegram

According to Gaidai, the Russians will pass immediately if Severodonetsk fellAccording to the governor, the Russians have now built up such a force that they can conquer the whole region. This would mean that nearby Lysychansk will soon fall as well.

The Azot factory is the last part of Severodonetsk which is still in the hands of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Also civilians stuck in the Azot factory

According to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, there are also about 300 civilians at the Azot plant in addition to military personnel. They wouldn’t want to leave just yet, although it’s unclear if that’s possible.

The situation in the Azot factory is similar to that of the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. There too, the factory was the last remaining defense post in Ukrainian hands, which housed civilians in addition to the armed forces.

An important difference is that the Azot factory does not have an extensive network of interconnected air-raid shelters. The bunker system enabled Ukrainian forces to hold out the Azovstal plant for weeks after Mariupol was captured by Russian forces. This is not possible in Severodonetsk, especially because the Azot factory has already been largely destroyed.

Moscow threatens to prosecute imprisoned American ‘mercenaries’

Americans captured by Russian troops in Ukraine are “mercenaries” who engage in illegal activities. They must take responsibility for their “crimes”, reported the Russian news agency RIA

The Kremlin claims that American prisoners are not covered by the Geneva Convention because they are not regular troops. They shot at Russian soldiers and put their lives in danger.

Moscow said earlier that two Britons and a Moroccan as mercenaries are also not protected by international humanitarian law. All three men were later sentenced to death, although it has not yet been announced whether that sentence has already been served.

EU calls Russian grain blockade a war crime

Russia’s blocking of grain exports from Ukraine is “a real war crime”. That says Josep Borrell, the highest foreign representative of the European Union.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has stopped allowing Ukrainian ships to enter the Black Sea. As a result, cereal exports are practically at a standstill, which mainly affects vulnerable countries in the Middle East and Africa. There is now a growing threat of famine.

Russia must be judged on the blockade of grain from Ukraine, Borrell believes. He speaks of a “true war crime” as hunger threatens poor regions of the world. “So I can’t imagine this going on any longer.”

The United Nations announced on Monday that the number of hungry people in the world has exploded in recent times. The war in Ukraine, one of the most important breadbaskets in the world, is one of the main reasons for this.

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