Colombia: The Secretary General congratulates the people and celebrates the peaceful election day


The Secretary General of the United Nations congratulated the people of Colombia for the high historical level of participation in the second round of the elections held yesterday, Sunday, to elect the next president of the nation, where Gustavo Petro was elected to occupy the chair of the executive and his partner for the vice presidency, Francia Márquez.

In a statement issued this Monday, António Guterres highlighted the basically peaceful conduct of the elections, asserting that this “reaffirms the strength of Colombian democracy and the progress made by the peace process.”

“The Secretary-General welcomes the ongoing dialogue to ensure a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming governments,” the text adds.

Antonio Guterres too endorsed the UN’s willingness to work with the new government and the Colombian people in the shared priorities of peacebuilding, promotion of human rights and sustainable development.

Participation of more than 58% of the electorate

Gustavo Petro was elected in the second round as the next President of the Republic and will be in charge of the country from next August 7 for the period 2022-2026, as successor to the outgoing president Iván Duque.

Petro he was a guerrilla of the demobilized M-19 and later held a seat in the country’s Senate.

Petro’s victory was possible with more than 50% of the votes in his favorcompared to 47% of the votes obtained by his opponent.

According to official figures, turnout on election day reached more than 58% of Colombia’s 39 million voters.

the community leader France Marquez will be the vice president during the next presidential term, becoming the first Afro-descendant woman to hold the position.

Last year, a series of mass demonstrations to protest the increase in poverty and inequality.

UNVMC/Jorge Quintero

Children and relatives of former members of the FARC today lead the Son de Paz music school, whose objective is to build a social fabric based on music, in the village of San José de Oriente, in La Paz, Cesar (Colombia).

peace agreement

Colombia and the FARC signed a Peace Agreement in 2016. The UN maintains a Verification Mission in the country to monitor the implementation of said Agreement, which includes political, economic and social reincorporationas well as the security guarantees for the members of the FARC, their families and for the communities.

On April 12, the head of the Mission, Carlos Ruiz Massieu, presented a report to the UN Security Council stating that the peace process in Colombia will succeed or fail depending on the efforts made to put an end to to the deadly violence faced by ex-combatants, social leaders and human rights defenders

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