Soltz: Putin fears the spark of democracy


Vladimir Putin is afraid the «spark of democracy“It’s spreading to his country,” said German Chancellor Olaf Solz, adding that the Russian president was trying to divide Europe and return to a world dominated by spheres of influence.

Chancellor Soltz’s statement was made in an interview with the newspaper Münchner Merkur, which was published today on the German government’s website.

Asked whether Putin would accept Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, the German chancellor said: “The Russian president must accept that there is a growing group of law-abiding democracies in his ‘neighborhood’.” clearly the spark of democracy that is spreading to his country “.

Last week, the European Commission proposed that Ukraine be given EU candidate status, which was also supported by Soltz.

Putin “wants a divided Europe and a return to a policy of spheres of influence,” Solz said, expressing confidence that the Russian president “will not succeed.”

The German chancellor has warned that rising energy prices will continue for a long time and has categorically rejected Russia’s claim that it was forced to cut off gas supplies due to a lack of spare parts due to Western sanctions.

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