France – Macron battle for parliamentary majority – Meeting with party leaders


Republican leader Christian Jacob reiterated Monday that he opposes any deal with Macron.

The last battle for a working parliamentary majority, through a coalition, will be fought in the next twenty-four hours. Emanuel Macron, as he lost the absolute majority in the parliamentary elections.

The president of France decided to meet successively on Tuesday and Wednesday with the leaders of “parties that intend to form a political group in Parliament”, the Palais des Champs-Elysees announced on Monday.

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“Since there is no parliamentary majority, the question arises how the necessary decisions for the country will be taken and implemented. This is the meaning of this meeting with the political forces, said circles close to the presidency.

The Minister of Economy Bruno Lemerre He denied that France’s government would be governed by the new parliament, but acknowledged that “it would take a lot of imagination” on the part of the ruling party to deal with the “unprecedented situation”.

Republican (LR) President Christian Jacob accepted the invitation, the French News Agency reported. The most likely option would be a Macron alliance with the Republicans, the traditional French right-wing party, which has 61 deputies.

However, Christian Jacob, repeated on Monday that opposes the conclusion any agreement with Macron, insisting that his party intends to “stay in opposition”.

Other voices from the right came out more openly, with former right-wing minister Jean-François Cope saying a “government deal between Macron and the LR is vital to combating the rise of extremism”.

Analysts estimate that Republicans may openly support the government on a case-by-case basis, as their program is similar to that of the Ensemble! (“Together”) by Macron on economics.

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