Change device: Applications start – Up to 710 euros in subsidies


Each household can replace up to 3 appliances (up to 2 air conditioners, refrigerator or freezer) and the same household can not submit 2 applications.

By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

From today until July 5 interested parties will be able to replace them old energy consuming devices (it is necessary to operate) with new ones which will be subsidized from 30% -50% through the platform The devices must be located in the home of the person concerned, main or secondary, and not in a professional space.

There are no exclusion criteria, but the amount of incomethe Marital status and any disability determine the order of the approximately 200,000 beneficiaries as estimated by the Ministry of Energy as well as the finalists (in case resources are found and the fund is increased). The income criteria are also used to determine the amount of the subsidy which can not be less than € 135 and more than € 710. Beneficiaries will not receive money in their hands, but a digital coupon and the discount will be made at the time of purchase. of devices.

In each application, the 11-digit electricity supply numberThe number of devices per category that consumers wish to change, the existence or not of the disabled and the cell phone number as a contact element, if the beneficiary is selected to be funded by the program. Each application collects points depending on the income, the number of protected members, if it is a single parent family and if there is a disabled person. Once the application is approved, the interested party will receive the voucher on his / her mobile phone in order to proceed with the purchase of the devices from a store of his choice, which, however, must have previously declared that he participates in the program.

Every household can replace up to 3 devices (up to 2 air conditioners, refrigerator or freezer) and the same household can not submit 2 applications. The subsidy does not cover any interest arising from the purchase that will be made in installments. The subsidy does not include any additional costs such as transportation or installation of equipment.

For the division into income categories, the average annual income of a family (or EIS) which results from the division of the total household income by the number of its members. A family of 4 members with an annual income of € 40,000, has an average income of € 10,000. So

up to € 5,000 ENT – 50% subsidy

€ 5,001-€ 10,000 IN – subsidy 45%

10,001 € -15,000 € IN – subsidy 40%

15,001 € -20,000 € – subsidy 30%

The power of the device especially for the air conditioners and its price are also taken into account.

According to the example given by the Ministry of Energy, a beneficiary of the first income category residing in Athens and purchasing an air conditioner of 9,000 Btu / h from a local supplier can be subsidized up to a maximum of € 340.00, which results as follows:

Net amount: € 274.19

VAT: € 65.81 (24%)

Total: € 340.00

The purchases must be made by 16 September and about 380,000 devices are expected to be replaced. The Ministry of Energy estimates that the annual benefit from energy savings for each participating household can reach up to € 300

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