Russian Journalist’s Nobel Prize Auctioned for Over $103 Million


Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of the Russian weekly Novaya Gazeta, has auctioned off the Nobel Peace Prize he won in 2021 (together with Filipina Maria Ressa). The proceeds amounted to 103.5 million dollars (98 million euros).

Muratov will donate the entire amount to UNICEF. The aid organization will use it for Ukrainian children who have been displaced due to the war in the country. Muratov chose UNICEF because “it is crucial that the money goes to an organization that does not belong to any government”.

Muratov and Ressa received the award in 2021 for “their efforts to preserve freedom of expression”.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine in late February, the free press in Russia has been struggling. Independent journalism is almost impossible. Many media have closed and many journalists have fled the country. In this context, Muratov spoke of “a media holocaust”.

At the end of March, Muratov stopped the activities of his newspaper. A week later, in Moscow, he was coated with a corrosive substance.

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