Mobilizations tomorrow by POEDIN


The Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (POEDIN) is planning a nationwide mobilization on June 22, with a 24-hour strike for employees in the public health structures of the region and a work stoppage of 8 am-15pm in Attica.

At 9 am there will be a rally in Mavili Square and a march to the Ministry of Health. THE ΠΟΕΔΗΝ talks about underfunding and understaffing of the NSS and calls for, among other things, strong Public Health and Welfare, permanent contracts, lifting of suspensions, “contractors out of hospitals”, inclusion in the BAE, increase of salaries and unhealthy allowance.

According to the federation, “this summer the staff is less by 10,000 compared to last year (retirements, retirements, illnesses, job suspensions)”, noting that “the staff was left exhausted with regular leave cuts and a break of two years, this year, for the third year, he is granted a few days of regular leave due to large staff shortages “.

He adds that the overdue debts of the hospitals exceed 1 billion euros and “instead of the government staffing and financing the System, it promotes privatization and redundancies. Recruitment of permanent staff is announced but to date no recruitment of permanent staff has been completed “, the announcement points out.

POEDIN reports that on June 30, “6,000 employees are laid off on fixed-term contracts in cleaning, security, catering support services” and “contractors are gradually being installed to fill the gaps that are being created”.

He adds that “by the end of July, 7,000 workers will be on strike, as sickness certificates expire, which have been abolished and are only valid for health personnel.” POEDIN states that it will appeal to the Council of State again and will request “the abolition of the measure based on the new epidemiological data and the abolition of all restrictive measures”.

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