Fuel Pass: Today the announcements for gasoline and Diesel- Return of EFK to agricultural oil


For diesel the subsidy will still be given to the pump and will probably be higher than the current one, amounting to 0.15 euros per liter.

With one brave intervention The government is expected to respond today to increased fuel costs with enhanced Fuel Pass for gasoline, with a subsidy of Diesel oil at the pump and return of EFK to agricultural oil.

The relevant announcements will be made by the Prime Minister at 11 during the meeting of the Council of Ministers, while the specialization of the measures will be made at 15.30 by the competent Ministers of Finance and Rural Development, Christos Staikouras and George Georgantas.

As previously announced by Mr. Staikouras for the new Fuel Pass more money will be given, while the income criteria will be expanded with the information stating that it will be up to 45,000 euros (net after tax).

In detail, for gasoline, the fuel pass system will continue for another three months starting from July 1, with the amount of the subsidy exceeding 60-65 eurowhile for diesel the subsidy will still be given to the pumpas now, and will probably be higher than it is today, rising at 0.15 euros per liter from 0.12 euros.

Respectively, for agricultural oil, it is expected to be announced the return of the Special Consumption Tax totaling 60 million eurosin July, immediately after the completion of the IACS 2022 application process.

Source: skai.gr

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