Tesla: Lawsuit for violating federal law governing layoffs


Former employees of Tesla Inc. have filed a lawsuit against the American company for production of electric vehicles, claiming that its decision for their “mass dismissal”, violated the federal legislation, as they had not been informed in time about the reduction of jobs in the same company.

The lawsuit was filed late Sunday night in Texas by two employees who said they were fired from Tesla’s large plant in Sparks, Nevada in June.

According to the lawsuit, more than 500 workers were laid off from the reported plant in Nevada.

Employees allege that the company failed to comply with the federal Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires a 60-day notice period, according to the lawsuit.

Employees are seeking the right to sue all former Tesla employees in the United States who were fired in May or June without notice.

“Tesla simply informed the employees that their redundancies were immediate,” the lawsuit states.

The company did not comment on the numbers of dismissals, while it did not respond immediately to requests for comment regarding the filing of the lawsuit.

Musk is the richest man in the world. He had earlier in the month said he had a “very bad feeling” about the economy and that Tesla would need to cut its workforce by 10%, according to an email read by Reuters.

More than 20 people posing as Tesla employees said they were fired, fired or fired from the company, with their term ending this month, according to online posts and interviews with Reuters.

The lawsuit was filed by John Leeds and Daxton Hartsfield, who were fired on June 10 and 15. The two former employees are requesting the payment of compensation and related work benefits for the period of 60 days, during which they should have been informed of their impending dismissal.

“It’s a big shock that Tesla is clearly violating federal law by firing so many workers without providing the required warning,” Shannon Lis-Riordan, a lawyer representing the two former employees at the company, told Reuters.

According to her, Tesla offered some employees only one week’s compensation, adding that it was preparing to file an extraordinary lawsuit, in an attempt to prevent Tesla from securing the workers’ resignation in return. to pay compensation of just one week.

The lawsuit was filed in a West Texas District Court.

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