Many websites inaccessible for a short time due to Cloudflare malfunction


A malfunction at internet company Cloudflare caused many services and websites to be unavailable or barely accessible for around 45 minutes on Tuesday morning. The Qmusic site, Thuisbezorgd, NPO Start, the Dashlane password manager and the servers of the Discord chat application were among others affected. Cloudflare has now resolved the outage and sites can be visited again.

Shortly after the issues arose, Cloudflare launched an investigation. The outage appears to have been caused by an error in the Cloudflare network, although specific details are unknown. Due to the outage, users of some sites were seeing error messages. Some sites seemed to load partially, but many pages were not accessible at all.

It’s unclear how many websites were affected by the issues. Cloudflare says not all users were affected by the outage, but the issues were “widespread.” Millions of websites around the world use Cloudflare services.

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