Google partnership with 5 Greek research organizations


The Science Agora is the first partnership of five scientific institutes (Democritus NCSR Research Center, ACEin Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – OPA, National Technical University of Athens, ATHENS Research Center and Research Institute of Communication & Computer Systems – EPISEV). The goal of Science Agora is to create a central technology transfer hub. THE Google financially supports the partnership with the business acceleration program for teams that will implement innovative ideas in the field of Environment and Energy.

The event for the official announcement of the cooperation between Google and Science Agora presented the first 20 business groups that have been pre-selected in the first phase. The initiative aims to stimulate innovation and young entrepreneurship, and to create solutions that can contribute to environmental protection and energy savings in Greece.

The Deputy Minister of Development & Investment, Christos Dimas, made the opening speech by sealing the cooperation between Google and Science Agora, on Monday, June 20, at Innovathens in Technopolis.

The top five start-ups will receive € 40,000 in July 2022 for their proof-of-concept grant, in order to be able to claim further funding through Venture Capitals.

Deputy Minister of Development & Investment Christos Dimas stated:

“When 5 top Greek scientific institutes join forces with Google, the result can only be positive. Start-ups and tech start-ups in collaboration with research centers and universities have the potential to create mutually beneficial synergies with the private sector and technology companies such as Google for the benefit of the economy and society. “The government, and in particular the Ministry of Development and Investment, is actively supporting these initiatives, which aim to further link research with entrepreneurship and innovation.”

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