Parliament: Legislative improvements in the n / s to combat fraud and counterfeiting


THE Minister of Justice Constantine Tsiaras at the beginning of the discussion in Plenary session of the draft law on the “Incorporation of Directive (EU) 2019/713 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on combat of fraud and her forgery payment instruments other than cash and the replacement of Council Framework Decision 2001/413 / JHA (L 123) and other urgent provisions “, as previously announced by the Commission, legislative improvements have been made to the provisions on deferrals.

Mr. Tsiaras stated that after consultation with the president of the Union of Judges and Prosecutors and the president of the Plenary Session of the Bar Associations, a common place emerged.

Thus, the relevant provision regarding the medical certificates that can be presented to the court, apart from being from public hospitals or private clinics, is also added by the Primary Health Doctors.

In the provision that provided for the determination of the time limit after adjournment within four months, this is changed and it is defined that it will not be able to exceed 8 months, taking into account the overloaded tables.

The provision on the possibility of a single adjournment for reasons of sticking a lawyer is also improved and it is redrafted, which provides for the exceptional request of a lawyer due to participation in another trial, which arose later in the pre-trial period.

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