France: Prime Minister resigns – Macron did not accept the resignation


According to the Palais des Champs-Elysees, the French president will seek “constructive solutions” with the leaders of the French parties.

The developments in the political scene of France are rapid after Macron’s failure in parliamentary elections to gain autonomy, as the prime minister of the country Elizabeth Bourne made available to the French President her resignationwhich was not accepted, the French Presidency announced.

The president Emanuel Macron will seek with the leaders of the French parties “Constructive solutions”as announced by the Palace of the Elysium.

Given this situation, the head of state will conduct “the necessary political consultations (…) in order to identify the expected constructive solutions in the service of the French”, he clarified in his announcement, before a series of meetings he will have with the party leaders in the afternoon the President of France at the Presidential Palace.

As the French media reported yesterday, the left alliance NUPESunder Jean-Luc Melanson, as well as the center-left Socialist Partywill file a motion of censure against the government of the Prime Minister of France on July 5, in the new National Assembly, when it will make its program speech.

According to Melanson’s “Rebellious France” MP Eric Cockerell, Bourne “can no longer be prime minister” after result of the parliamentary elections and thus the decision was made to submit the motion of censure on 5 July.

It is noted that a motion of censure can be tabled by opposition parties that have at least 58 deputies.

The Nupes alliance emerged as the second parliamentary force yesterday, securing 142 seats against 246 of Macron’s faction, which lost an absolute majority in the French National Assembly (it needed 289 seats).

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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