Secret military base locations can once again be found via the Strava fitness app


Israeli soldiers unknowingly tracked via location data from fitness app Strava, writes The Guardian† Information records movements of secret bases in the country. Soldiers can also be tracked as they travel to other locations around the world.

A similar scandal around Strava erupted in 2018 when the app showed where secret military bases were and what routes soldiers often took to get there. Strava then decided to inform users more clearly about privacy settings.

On Strava, athletes can label certain parts of their course as segments. These are then used by the athletes for the rankings, which show who was the fastest on that part.

According The Guardian fake segments were created at secret military bases in Israel by an unknown party. Military service members who ran over it were later recorded. This was true even for people whose Strava accounts were tightly secured.

The spying campaign was uncovered by Israeli cybersecurity firm FakeReporter. The company notified authorities as soon as the data breach became known. Strava was then notified, which set up a special team to solve the problem.

Strava said in a statement that it takes privacy very seriously. “We have taken the necessary steps after FakeReporter’s report to resolve this situation.”

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