Katsaniotis: It is necessary due to developments in Ukraine to move the consular authorities to a safe location


Developments in Ukraine us force in transport of our consular authorities in a safe location to continue their work, said Deputy Foreign Minister Andrew Katsaniotis Supporting the relevant provision of the ministerial amendment for the “Temporary transfer of the seat of consular authority due to armed conflict or natural disasters” submitted to the draft law of the Ministry of Justice that is discussed and voted in plenary.

The Deputy Foreign Minister stated that the recent events in Ukraine highlighted the need for the temporary transfer of the headquarters of the Greek Consular Authorities, the Consulate General of Mariupol, which remains closed today and the Consulate of Odessa. These, said Mr. Katsaniotis, are transports away from the field of war in order for the authorities to be able to continue to operate properly and in safe conditions. Therefore, the issue of temporary transfer to another city within the district itself, the responsibility of the authority arose. The reason for the transfer makes rapid decisions absolutely necessary and for this reason it is adopted that this change be made by Ministerial Decision and not by Presidential Decree, as provided in cases of holistic transfer of the seat of consular authority. He pointed out that the decision to transfer the headquarters of the two consular authorities is financially neutral.

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