Travelers can’t cancel a flight for free if chaos at Schiphol is the reason


Travelers who cancel their flight to avoid possible chaos at Schiphol cannot do so for free. Travel industry association ANVR says problems at the airport are not a valid reason.

It would spell the end for many travel organizations if people massively canceled their holidays due to the feared chaos, ANVR director Frank Oostdam points out.

Travel organizations TUI and Sunweb also claim that “uncertainty and feelings” are not legitimate reasons. They advise travelers to be patient until they know better how to limit capacity.

In order to be able to cope with the crowds at Schiphol this summer, the airport is asking airlines to reduce the number of passengers. Only in July there is a daily capacity reduction of 13,500 seats.

The majority of this limitation is borne by KLM, which is also the largest user of the airport. Other airlines will also have to give up capacity.

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