German regulator opens investigation into Google Maps


The German regulator Bundeskartellamt is opening an investigation into Google. The watchdog is investigating whether the tech giant unfairly disadvantages competitors with its card services.

The regulator says it has indications that Google Maps restricts access to, for example, location data, the search function or Google Street View for other digital map developers.

The Bundeskartellamt wants to determine whether Google’s way of working gives the company too much of a dominant position in the market for digital maps. With this in mind, the Germans are also deepening the conditions that the technology company sets for customers who purchase mapping services for navigation systems in cars.

In a response, Google says businesses and app developers can choose from many other providers besides Google Maps. The company says it is cooperating fully with the Bundeskartellamt investigation.

The German regulator has already announced several investigations into Google last year. For example, the Bundeskartellamt checks whether news media that participate in the Google News Showcase product are favored in the online search engine results.

In addition, the organization wants to know the extent of Google’s market power and whether consumers have a choice when it comes to processing their data.

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