Self-tests are selling like hotcakes again


Pharmacies and supermarkets are seeing a huge increase in the sale of corona self-tests. After more than a year on store shelves, sales hit a low point at the end of May, Director Jos Jongstra of the Central Pharmacy Board (CBD) told

“Sales are increasing dramatically,” Jongstra said. “If a real spike comes back, we can have it. There is enough stock and the prices are also reasonable.” When stocks weren’t as large and demand was high, prices rose significantly.

We are still far from the peak of self-test sales. “The end of January this year was the highest peak so far, when three million units per week were sold in pharmacies and supermarkets.”

Corona self-tests became available in the Netherlands in March last year. Since then, sales – just like the corona pandemic – have had their ups and downs. “The first peak was at the end of April last year,” recalls the director of the CBD. “After that it completely fell apart to ‘dance with Janssen’.”

This episode led to a new high. The next real spike was in November, when a new lockdown was announced and self-tests were recommended. “Also preventive.” The ensuing sell-off lasted until its peak in January of this year.

“The draft came in May, we thought it was all over.” Jongstra does not yet see demand for face masks resurgent. “If that happens, we will have enough stock in all shapes and sizes.”

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