Smyrlis: The state is not opposite but next to the development of entrepreneurship


Its importance entrepreneurship development and organized investment attraction in Greece was promoted by the Secretary General of International Economic Relations and Extroversion (DOSE) and President of Enterprise Greece, Ioannis Σμυρλήςin an interview on the show “Economy and Entrepreneurship”, on the Blue Sky television station.

Speaking about investments, Mr. Smyrlis stressed, among other things, that “in the last three years – through the coronavirus crisis and after ten years of memoranda – we have managed to build the name of Greece and make the attraction of investments much more organized. , collaborating with all the productive Ministries “and added:

“The Saudis have come, and the Spaniards have come, the Emirates are coming and we have constant demands for closer cooperation with neighboring countries. They see in Greece a country that despite the crises, is stable, is organized, but most important of all, is a country that wants to play its role geopolitically and geostrategically in the southeastern part of Europe. It wants to be a hub. He wants to have investors. We are shaping the framework for a large investor to invest in Greece: in an EU and NATO member country that combines the European market with the Balkan market, with North Africa and the connection with the Middle East and Asia. “Greece is a stable country that wins because of the point.”

Regarding entrepreneurship, he pointed out that “the development of the economy starts with the development of entrepreneurship. “If Greek companies with extroversion grow, it creates good jobs, good salaries and so the money is spread in the Greek economy and growth finally comes.”

“This is the model we believe in as a government, this model we serve. We are interested in the implementation of investments. We always want a response from the other side. Because that leads to agreements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its trade monitors, then monitors how the agreements are going, so that the state can help businesses. Not everything is perfect. However, what we have done is very important, so that companies can rely on the Greek state to “open the door” for them and hold meetings with representatives of foreign companies. The state is not opposite, but next to the development of entrepreneurship “, noted the secretary general of DOSE.

Finally, regarding tomorrow’s visit of the large business delegation from the United Arab Emirates to Athens, Mr. Smyrlis said: Dubai Expo. In cooperation with agencies, municipalities, regions and ministries, we had a strong presence for six months and held many meetings which in turn led to the Prime Minister’s visit to the UAE about two months ago. At that time, transnational agreements were signed between the two countries and as a continuation of this visit, the Emirati people headed by the Minister of Investments visit us, with 5 large investment funds and 20 selected companies, to implement investments in technology, energy, construction, renewable energy and food safety. We have scheduled bilateral business meetings with a variety of Greek companies from these sectors. “We have meetings between private and state energy agencies and political meetings with the prime minister and ministers.”


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