Companies want to build ten thousand houses for refugees in one year


Housing associations and some construction companies can build ten thousand temporary homes in a year for refugees and others who need housing quickly. But then the government has to make land available and help financially. Corporations and builders write it in an offer to Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Housing).

The minister has been looking for ways to quickly organize additional accommodation for, for example, displaced Ukrainians who have sought refuge in the Netherlands. There are also other refugees and emergency seekers. This latter group includes, for example, people who are divorced and therefore looking for alternative accommodation.

Finding temporary accommodation is very difficult because there is a great shortage at all levels. Additionally, the Ter Apel asylum center has been a hot topic in recent weeks due to a lack of beds, which sometimes forces people to sleep on chairs or in tents. A major problem at the application center is that refugees cannot leave due to a lack of houses.

According to the umbrella organization Aedes and construction companies such as Barli, Dura Vermeer and Startblock, there are now too many expectations for each other. “The lessor only orders the builder when he has a pitch. But the pitches are not available quickly and often wait for politics from above and sometimes concrete building plans.”

The parties believe that this can be done much more quickly if they only obtain the cooperation of all governments. This means that suitable locations must be allocated without project developers having to wait long for permits. Dwellings must also quickly have connections for energy, for example. In turn, the government can help, for example, with guarantee schemes for locations or to cover financial risks.

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