Fuel Pass 2: Live announcements from Staikoura – Georganta for fuel subsidy


Beneficiaries will be about 3.1 million drivers – There will be a declaration per natural person and for a vehicle – Applications will be based on 2021 income – The condition is to have submitted this year’s tax return, not due to road tax and vehicle to be in use – At the end of July the applications

We extend the fuel card for the months of July, August and September with a larger subsidy and for total declared income in 2021 up to 30,000 euros increased by 3,000 euros for each member of the family and up to 45,000 euros, announced the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras regarding the Fuel Pass 2.

According to the Minister of Finance, the beneficiaries are 3.1 million drivers.


In the mainland the subsidy for cars goes up from 45 to 80 euros and for two-wheelers from 35 euros to 60 for payment at the pump with the intangible digital card.

In the islandsthe subsidy for cars will be 100 euros instead of 55 until today and for two-wheelers 70 euros instead of 40 with the intangible digital card.

Without the use of a card the subsidy will be 15 euros less.

The aid drops the price of petrol below 2 euros and the cost of the measure amounts to 200 million euros.

For the subsidy at diesel Mr. Staikouras said that the liter remains at 12 minutes at the source, so that the benefit rises to 15 minutes.

The total cost, noted the Minister of Finance, amounts to 375 million euros and this cost is above the European average.


Applications will be based on 2021 revenue on the relevant platform that is expected to open in late July. An application will be made per individual and for a vehicle. The measure also applies to freelancers.

A condition for receiving the aid is that they are not due road tax, the vehicle to be in fiscal year and have filed a 2021 income tax return.

As the Prime Minister said earlier, there will be intervention for farmersas the return of the EFC for the oil they bought in the first half of 2022 is accelerated for the beginning of August.

How much does the price fall?

Some examples given by the Secretary-General for Fiscal Policy, Thanos Petraliasare as follows:

For 60 liters of fuel per month, after the subsidy,

  • In Attica, the price of gasoline from 2.40 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.96 euros / liter. Diesel, from 2.06 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.62 euros / liter.
  • In the Dodecanese, gasoline will be reduced from 2.55 euros / liter to 1.99 euros / liter.
  • In the Cyclades, diesel from 2.22 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.66 euros / liter.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Thodoris Skylakakissaid: “Citizens are familiar with the existing platform for the Fuel Pass.

We are giving this help because the growth rate was very high in 2021, this growth is quality, as we had a record exports.

At the same time, we had a reduction in unemployment. The increased growth is reflected in the public revenues, we exceeded the budget execution by 2.1 billion euros.

The third reason is the income from tourism. All this is happening despite huge external pressures, rising international prices for goods and fuel. “We have made reforms, despite the crises, and today we have additional fiscal space that we have available to the citizens prudently.”

Earlier, at his presentation to the cabinet The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced the increase of the Fuel Pass to 80 euros for cars and 60 euros for two-wheelers. Especially for the islands, the amount increases to 100 euros instead of 55 until today for cars, and to 70 euros for two-wheelers.

The subsidy will run for three months, July, August, September for petrol and diesel and covers 3 million drivers.

With the increase of the fuel subsidy – the Prime Minister continued – a reduction of the price of gasoline is achieved by 44 minutes.

Source: skai.gr

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