Hatzitheodosiou: The new fuel subsidy does not face the problem at its root


“It simply came to our notice then subsidy program στα fuel, for the next quarter “, as noted by the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Giannis Hatzitheodosioubut adds that “by no means not can be considered that solves a problem where is suffering for months the Greek society “.

Specifically, the president stated:

According to the new fuel subsidy program, for the next quarter, the beneficiaries will be given the amount of 80 euros, as a compensation for the very large increases in gasoline and diesel that have been recorded recently. In fact, for the residents of island Greece, the amount of the subsidy will reach 100 euros as, as it is known, the price of gasoline is more expensive in our islands, compared to the mainland.

This is undoubtedly a positive measure, as it will give a “breath” to about 3 million vehicle owners. But in no case can it be considered that it solves a problem that has plagued Greek society for months and that will continue, as there is insufficient evidence to de-escalate the energy crisis and of course fuel prices.

With bonus policy we as an economy can not go far. I think it is imperative that we move to a more drastic solution and that can be no other than the reduction of the Excise Tax on fuel. In particular, this reduction should be made to the percentage of the increase that occurred in recent months, so as not to jeopardize the execution of the budget.

I believe that this move will make a decisive contribution to restraining the prices that are constantly rising for the time being and will further relieve the consumer public.

Otherwise we will discuss Fuel Pass 3 again in mid-September, with the aim of filling our tank once – and if – as will be done with the intervention announced today by the government.

With inflation “running”, everything in the market having risen in price and the price of gasoline approaching 3 euros per liter, households and small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the stamina to meet their growing obligations.

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