Former PTT CEO Wim Dik dies aged 83


Former PTT and KPN CEO Wim Dik has died aged 83, local Vught branch D66 reports. After the privatization of the PTT from 1989 to 2000, Dik took over as head of the post and telecoms group.

After his studies in Delft and Rotterdam, Dik began his career with the care and nutrition group Unilever, where he became chairman of the board.

He was appointed head of Koninklijke PTT Nederland (KPN) when that company had to transform into a private company with tens of thousands of employees, which would eventually split into a telecoms and postal division. Under Dik, the company became a publicly traded company with a market value of several billion euros.

Under Dik, KPN also invested a lot of money in acquiring a young German competitor. It later turned out that KPN’s debts had increased alarmingly, in part because of these billion-dollar expenses.

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