NATO: Threatens Russia and calls for “substantive dialogue” on Ukraine


The North Atlantic Council said in a statement today that “any further aggression against Ukraine would have enormous consequences and a high price to pay,” while noting that it was ready for a “substantive dialogue with Russia”.

“False Russian allegations”

“We are deeply concerned about the substantial, unprovoked and unjustified Russian military build-up on the Ukrainian border in recent months and reject the false Russian allegations of provocations by Ukraine and NATO.

“We urge Russia to de-escalate immediately, to pursue diplomatic channels and to abide by its international commitments to the transparency of its military activities,” the statement said.

“Any further aggression against Ukraine would have huge consequences and a high price. NATO will continue to coordinate closely with stakeholders and other international organizations, including the EU.

“We reiterate our support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders and call on Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine in accordance with its international obligations and commitments.

“Attempts to divide”

“We support the right of all countries to decide their future and foreign policy without external interference. NATO’s relationship with Ukraine is a matter only for Ukraine and its 30 NATO Allies. We categorically reject any attempt to divide the security of the Allies.

“We are ready for a meaningful dialogue with Russia. “We reiterate our long-standing invitation to a NATO-Russia Council meeting in the near future.”

Source: ΑΠΕ

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