Macron to Ankara for Sweden – Finland: Clarify your position in NATO


The French president’s stance reflects strong dissatisfaction with the Alliance for a Turkish bloc in Sweden and Finland.

Strict message to Ankara French President Emmanuel Macron sent a message on Tuesday, asking for clarification of its position on a European defense strategy within NATO.

French president’s stance echoes strong dissatisfaction with Turkish bloc alliance in Sweden and Finland.

Ahead of the Madrid summit, Emanuel Macron met in Paris with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to discuss the European defense strategy.

President Macron reiterated his country’s support for Finland and Sweden’s demands for membership in the Atlantic Alliance, clarifying that these are countries with significant defense capabilities that will help strengthen the stability and security of the Euro-Atlantic area.

The President of France reiterated the availability of France to guarantee the security of both countries until their accession to the Alliance. During the meeting, the Ukrainian issue was also discussed, where the need was noted for the continuation of close cooperation between the NATO allies.

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