Parliament: The n / s for the fight against fraud – forgery was voted by a majority


The draft law of the Ministry of Justice “Integration of Directive (EU) 2019/713 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on the fight against fraud and counterfeiting” was approved by a majority in the plenary session of the Parliament, in principle and in its entirety. means of payment other than cash and the replacement of Council Framework Decision 2001/413 / JHA (L 123) and other urgent provisions “. ND and PASOK-KINAL voted in favor of the bill, while on the contrary, SYRIZA-PS, KKE and MERA 25 voted against, while the Hellenic Solution was placed with the “present”.

The Deputy Minister of Justice, George Kotsiras, concluding the discussion of the draft law in plenary, stressed that in the face of the great problems facing the Greek justice, we must not “hide behind our finger.”

Referring to the criticism leveled at the criminalization of the crime of “revenge pornography”, he underlined that “society is evolving.

“Society needs the state to be present and the legislature must be present in every opportunity it has to protect victims of crime, especially when they are most vulnerable, such as women and minors.”

We can not, said the Undersecretary, “stand behind only a dogmatic view, as if the law is not connected with social needs, as if the law is not connected with the social reality and the criminal legislator must be cut off and sterilized from social reality “.

I said Mr. Kotsiras “I do not think that the Greek people have voted for us here, to sit and watch society evolve and create new crimes and we to look at them and not intervene” and let them refer to the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, which are in fact two basic pieces of legislation.

Regarding the provisions regarding the acceleration of justice, the Undersecretary said that the possibility of brief justification in the prosecutorial authorities, is a tool in the prosecutorial authorities to go some cases faster, with more flexibility, to unblock any cases of overload of the courts from such petitions.

He also said that we try to reduce the extreme cases of fat testimony.

On the issue of postponements and the improvements he made, the minister said that I really do not know why you underestimate the parliamentary dialogue so much. We must take a hard look at the problem of citizens suffering from procrastination and the abuse that exists many times.

The problem, the Undersecretary added, will not be solved only with the specific three articles, but there are some additions, which are also for the benefit of the citizens and the society. We do not target lawyers through these provisions.

Commenting on opposition MPs’ reports on the need for early elections, the Undersecretary said that “we should all understand the urgency of the moment and that the Greek citizen needs calm and stability in the midst of multiple problems. So let us not create toxic situations in the political system, because in the end it is not in anyone’s interest.

“The country has a strong government that is moving forward with its reform work and we continue this effort with our eyes on society, to help the citizen in his daily life.”

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