Macron: Will the domestic political problem be exported to Europe as well?


“If every French minister who commits himself to a text at European level then has to seek an ad hoc majority to ratify it in the National Assembly, there are likely to be complications,” says a veteran of the European Parliament, according to Les Échos.

The effects of the election result on France’s European policy have plagued analysts and the media, two days before President Macron left for a summit in Brussels.

In France The responsibility for foreign and defense policy rests largely with the President of the Republic, but questions remain about the margins of his diplomatic moves.

“If any French minister committing to a text at European level then has to seek an ad hoc majority to ratify it in the National Assembly, complications are likely,” he said, according to the newspaper. Les Échos a veteran of the European Parliament.

“If the capacity of the head of state carry out the promised reforms, h His influence on the European stage will diminish adds Thierry Chopin, a political science professor and expert adviser at the Delors Institute, with the paper noting that this could be a problem at the European Council table, given German Chancellor Solz’s difficulty in enforcing the proximity of Italian parliamentarians. elections that will reduce Draghi’s power.

Common problem …

On the other hand, what is perceived as an earthquake in France and the rest of Europe is not uncommon, the newspaper reports, recalling that in Europe, very few parties have an absolute majority in Parliament.

“The Sanchez government has been a minority from the beginning,” said a Commission official, with many elected representatives in the European Parliament believing the new situation could be beneficial, as it forces the National Assembly to adopt a new coalition culture.

“We have to look for compromises with the other political forces that are present, as is usually the case in the European Parliament,” said Valerie Hager, France’s Macron MEP.

“For the European texts to be voted on, there are the necessary votes from the Socialist Party, the Greens and the Republicans, in order to gather a pro-European majority. “Everything will depend on their mental state, I hope they will support France’s European ambition,” she added.

Other experts point out that Macron has the means to hold the European helm. “Europe will remain the prerogative of the President of the Republic,” said Sebastian Bayar, director of the Delors Institute.

“Europeans are worried about the political situation in France,” said Figaro.

“Le Pen’s high rates are very bad news for Europe. “We have to see if this is a unique French trend or if it could spread to other EU countries,” said the former Italian prime minister and secretary of the Democratic Party. Enrico Letta.

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