Patra: The deposition of Dimitra Pispirigou in GADA has been completed


The testimony of Dimitra Pispirigou in the homicide department of the Attica security on the 11th floor of GADA was completed on Tuesday night, which lasted 8.5 whole hours.

Ms. Pispirigou testified under oath, that is, as a witness, and not as a suspect, while information indicates that the questions about that fateful morning of March 21 that 6-month-old Iris left her last breath in the crib at the family home in Patras and according to Her statement found her dead, it was stormy.

According to information, she was asked again and again about the exact movements of both herself and her sister, mainly for the period of 3 hours between the morning of March 21 until the baby was found dead in the crib.

Ms. Pispirigou was asked by her homicide police officers about literally everyone and everything.

For the other two children of the Daskalaki family Malena and Georgina, for the couple’s relationship (Manou-Roulas), for Roula and the relationship she had with her children as well as for her own relationship with the couple and the three little girls of the family.

The statements of the father of three, Manos Daskalakis, that “I am beginning to realize that my wife killed all three of our children” have also caused a sensation!

Disciplinary review of medical examiners

The Minister of Justice, Costas Tsiaras, may give an order for disciplinary control in the next 24 hours, for the two medical examiners who conducted the first forensic examinations in Malena and Iris.

After the completion of the review by the medical examiners, Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalorgias who concluded that the two little girls of the Daskalaki-Pispirigou family did not end up with pathological causes but his death came from suffocation, it is now very likely that the two doctors disciplinary control.

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