Italy: Luigi Di Maio leaves the Five Stars and will form a new parliamentary group


Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced tonight that he was leaving the Five Star Movement. Speaking to reporters at a hotel in Rome, Di Maio stressed that the “five-star” movement, with which he was twice elected member of parliament, has recently created a series of problems in the government of Mario Draghi.

At the same time, he added that he was subjected to a series of personal attacks and that the Five Stars adopted vague positions on critical foreign policy issues, starting with the Ukrainian one.

“In this historic phase, we must uphold European and Atlantic values. “We realized, at the same time, that some of our positions in the past were wrong,” said the Italian foreign minister.

“The coronavirus pandemic and the war are asking us to show a sense of responsibility. “There are no simplistic solutions to complex problems,” Di Mayo said, adding that “Italy’s interest and good always come first.”

Di Maio also stated that “from today begins a new course, with specific ideas, with the utilization of skills, talent and faith in the truth.” He referred to his collaboration with Mario Draghi, emphasizing: “our prime minister is a cause for pride and we will support him with ideas, honesty and great effort.”

According to political analysts, Di Mayo will be followed by about 50 deputies and senators of the “five stars”, with the creation – in a first phase – of a new group in the parliament of Rome and then, probably, in the senate.

At the same time, according to the Italian television network La 7, Di Maio’s goal is to create a new, central political force that will probably be called “Together for the Future”, in collaboration with mayors such as Milan, Bebe Sala, and Florence, Dario Nardella.

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