Germany: Third party SPD in new poll


In Third Placebehind the Christian Union (CDU / CSU) and the Greensthe Social Democratic Party falls in a new poll (SPD), with a percentage of less than 20%.

In a poll by the Insa Institute on behalf of the BILD newspaper, the CDU / CSU maintain their lead at 28% (+0.5), the Greens remain at 21% and the SPD is reduced to 19.5% (-0.5). It is followed by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with 10% (-0.5), the Liberals with 9.5% and the Left with 4% (+0.5).

According to Herman Binkert, head of the Insa Institute, “the SPD would have no chance of becoming chancellor today.” A CDU / CSU-Greens partnership would not be just a choice of a governing coalition, but rather a duel of gladiators for leadership, Binkert said.

Once again, the most popular politician is the Minister of Economy, Robert Habek (Greens), with the also “green” Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Berbok. Chancellor Soltz is in fourth place.


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