Reports of corona disease have been rising again for weeks


Just when absenteeism had returned to pre-coronavirus levels, the number of people reporting sick due to infection with the virus is starting to rise again. Evidenced by the occupational health services ArboNed and HumanCapitalCare, which are jointly the largest in this field in the Netherlands.

Last month, the number of people reporting sick had almost returned to pre-pandemic normal for this time of year. But this recovery seems short-lived.

“In the first week of June, more people reported being sick from corona,” says company doctor and director of medical affairs Jurriaan Penders of ArboNed.

The RIVM also confirms that there is a new corona wave. “We need to be mindful of infection prevention in the workplace,” Penders says. He points out that the circumstances are different now than a year ago. “Then there were different rules.”

Usually, people are also less likely to report sick from work during the summer period. “This could inhibit a further increase in absenteeism due to illness.”

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