Fuel Pass 2: When does the fuel subsidy platform open – Amounts, beneficiaries


The subsidy for citizens who will choose the digital card instead of depositing in a bank account, will be increased by 15 euros.

The electronic platform for. Is expected to open at the end of July new fuel cardthe so called Fuel Pass 2which will concern the quarter July, August Septemberin order to relieve the citizens from the unbearable price increases in fuel.

Beneficiaries of the grant will be over 3.1 million car and motorcycle ownersfor a total of 3.5 million.

The petrol subsidy will concern individuals and freelancers tax residents of Greece, with declared income of 30,000 euros for the tax year 2021, which increased by 3,000 euros for each member of the household and up to 45,000 euros.

If the beneficiary uses digital card to receive the grant, the amount for the quarter in mainland Greece will amount to 80 euros against 45 euros of the previous grant.

If the beneficiary chooses Bank account deposit will receive in 65 euros for 40 euros of the previous grant.

For island areas, including Crete the amounts are increased. The beneficiaries they will receive is 100 euros if they choose the digital card and 85 euros if they want payment in their bank account.

For motorcycles the subsidy on digital cards will rise at 60 euros and in beneficiaries bank account at 45 euros. Especially for the island areas, for the motorcycles the beneficiaries will receive 70 euros with digital card and 55 euros in the bank account.

Generally, with the use of the digital card the subsidy is increased by 15 euros against 5 euros last time.

THE subsidy amounts to 0.44 euros / liter for mainland Greece and 0.56 euros / liter for island areas. The 180 liters of gasoline for the quarter that are subsidized, correspond to a route of 600 kilometers per month. While, with the subsidy, the price of gasoline will be reduced to less than 2 euros per liter. The total cost of this measure is EUR 200 million.

At the same time, it continues for the next quarter subsidy to the diesel pump (diesel) at 0.12 euros / liter or 0.15 euros / liter with VAT. The cost amounts to 115 million euros.


For the 60 liters of fuel per month, after the subsidy,

-In Attica, the price of gasoline from 2.40 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.96 euros / liter. Diesel oil, from 2.06 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.62 euros / liter.

– In Dodecanesegasoline from 2.55 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.99 euros / liter.

-At Cycladesdiesel from 2.22 euros / liter will be reduced to 1.66 euros / liter.

Finally, in August, instead of November, the EFK for the oil they bought in the first half of the year will be returned to the mainly professional farmers, upon application on the relevant platform. The cost of this measure is 60 million euros.

In total, the cost of the three measures is 375m euros, with resources coming from better budget execution in May. By the end of the year, a total of 8.5 billion euros will be available (for support from fuel, electricity, gas, etc.) costs, of which 3.2 billion euros will be raised from the budget. .

Source: skai.gr

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