After eight years, Spaniards can once again access Google News


Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made Google News available in Spain again after eight years. The news service was shut down in 2014, when a law was passed requiring Google to pay to carry snippets of news articles.

Google News functions as a gathering place for news. People can see the first lines of posts on the page, then click to the news site to read the full story.

In Spain, Google had to pay for the fragments, but the company didn’t want that. “Since Google News itself does not report anything (we do not run ads on the site), this new approach is not sustainable,” Google said at the time. According to Google, the closure of Google News in Spain led to an average drop of 10% in visits to news sites.

Google News is now back in the country, after the Spanish government introduced new rules late last year. This allows publishers to negotiate directly with Alphabet to republish their articles.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Google’s news service. The company also announced a new design for the page. It must present important and personal news. Emphasis will also be placed on current events in the region.

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