A Pole was brutally beaten in London for daring to ask for directions from strangers!


Kamil Sobala, 31, who has lived in London again, described in detail that the men had asked him where he was from before the beating.

A Polish immigrant, as the “Daily Mail” writes, shared the creepy details of how he was savagely attacked with racist motives a few minutes after his arrival in London.

Specifically the 31 year old Kamil Sobalaafter getting off the bus at Victoria Station, revealed that he had been beaten by unknown men because he “dared” to ask for instructions.

31-year-old Sobala, who has lived in London, described in detail that the men had asked him where he was from before the beating. He was thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched in the face during the attack on Elizabeth Street, which was recorded from a mobile phone in a nearby pub.

After the violent attack, the 31-year-old stated that he is “shocked by the experience“And he is so terrified that he is now afraid to even walk to the shops and”can not even sleep». He said he woke up in the hospital at around 7:50 p.m. on Saturday 18 June.

As he characteristically says, “I was going to meet some friends and I went through the pub to get some instructions, because I had run out of battery on my cell phone. I wanted to know where to go to charge my phone and where the metro station was. Instead of just saying “sorry we can not help you”, these people cursed me. Then they asked me where I was from and I told them from Poland».
A few minutes later, the 31-year-old suffered a horrific attack. And he continued: “My whole body hurts. I was punched so badly that I can not remember anything».

Footage from the attack, which has been circulated on social media, shows a man repeatedly hitting Kamil while he is on the ground. Finally, as the 31-year-old stated, “Fortunately, a lady posted the video of the beating and then called an ambulance. I want to thank everyone who helped and I hope the guys will be arrested».

Currently no arrests have been madebut the research to be continued.

Source: skai.gr

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