I change device: Air conditioner with a subsidy of 710 euros – For whom the platform is open


The platform will close on July 5, while the first digital coupons will be available three weeks later.

The applications for the replacement of electrical appliances have been “running” since yesterday with a subsidy of 30% -50% in order for the beneficiaries to buy a new air conditioner, refrigerator or freezer.

The platform allazosyskevi.gov.gr It is currently open for those who have a VAT number ending in 1 and 2, while today it is expected to be open for those interested in a tax code ending in 3 and 4.

In detail, the platform will open as follows:

  • 21/6 TIN ending in 1 and 2
  • 22/6 VAT number ending at 1,2,3,4
  • 23/6 VAT numbers ending at 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • 24/6 VAT numbers ending at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • 25/6 VAT numbers ending in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0

Each household can replace up to 3 appliances (up to 2 air conditioners, refrigerator or freezer) and the same household can not submit 2 applications. The subsidy does not cover any interest arising from the purchase that will be made in installments. The subsidy does not include any additional costs such as transportation or installation of equipment.

In fact, there are no exclusion criteria, but the amount of income, marital status and possible disability determine the order of the approximately 200,000 beneficiaries as estimated by the Ministry of Energy as well as the runners-up (in case resources are found and the fund increases). The income criteria are also used to determine the amount of the subsidy, which can not be less than 135 euros and more than 710 euros.

It is noted that the beneficiaries will not receive money in their hands, but a digital coupon and the discount will be made directly at the cashier of the store.

To submit the application no supporting documents are requiredas all data will be pumped automatically and crossed.

For each house only one application can be submitted, either main or holiday. For example, in a family with 2 parents and 2 children, both parents will be able to submit up to 2 separate applications for a different residence each.

However, the house, main or secondary, should be identified with the house where the old one was located.

The measure concerns citizens with a residence either privately owned or rented or granted.

Amplification amount

The subsidy rate ranges from 30% to 50% of the cost of devices depending on the income category of the beneficiaries.

These are 4 income categories.

  • from 5,000 euros and below, the beneficiary is entitled to a 50% subsidy (1st income category)
  • over 5,000 euros and up to 10,000 euros, the beneficiary is entitled to a 45% subsidy (2nd income category)
  • over 10,000 euros and up to 20,000 euros, the beneficiary is entitled to a 35% subsidy (3rd income category) and
  • over 20,000 euros, the beneficiary is entitled to a 30% subsidy (4th income category)
  • Thus, citizens with an income below 5,000 euros, will receive the maximum amount of the subsidy (50%), while for incomes over 20,000 euros the subsidy is set at 30%.

    The aid limits range from 135-710 euroswhile the residents of Athens will receive a larger subsidy from the inhabitants of the islands, due to the reduced VAT.

    • For example, a resident of Athens for an air conditioner of 9,000 BTW can receive an aid of 340 euros, while of the island 320 euros.
    • For air conditioner 24,000 BTW the maximum amount reaches 710 euros.


    Regarding the procedure, in each application the 11-digit power supply number, the number of devices per category that consumers want to change, the existence or not of a disabled person and the mobile phone number as a contact element, if the beneficiary is selected to be funded by the program. Each application collects points depending on the income, the number of protected members, if it is a single parent family and if there is a disabled person. Once the application is approved, the interested party will receive the voucher (s) on his / her mobile phone in order to proceed with the purchase of the devices from a store of his choice, which, however, must have previously declared that he participates in the program.

    When the platform closes on July 5applications will be evaluated with economic and social criteria.

    Then, the beneficiaries based on the ranking order will not receive a sum of money but a digital coupon, one per device. On the coupon there will be a unique code, the name, the VAT number and the mobile phone of the beneficiary, the device category, the aid percentage, the provision number and the residence address.

    The first coupons will be available in 3 weeks from the closing of the platform while by September 16 the beneficiaries must have used the vouchers.

    Source: skai.gr

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