Spain: Flaming space rocket debris illuminates Iberian skies


The video captures pieces of the rocket crossing the ethers, creating a “bright path” over Granada as it ignites and separates.

Remains of a Chinese space rocket glowing as they entered the atmosphere illuminated the Spanish night sky in the early hours of Tuesday morning, leaving many spectators stunned and puzzled.

“I think it was the most spectacular phenomenon I have ever observed in the sky,” said Miguel Kruth, who videotaped images provided by Reuters. In the relevant video, the pieces of the rocket are immortalized crossing the ethers, creating a “bright path” over Granada, as they ignited and separated.

Kruth had read about the wreckage of a Chinese CZ-2F rocket and was ready to capture images from a balcony. “I did not have high hopes, but I was lucky tonight,” he said.

Similar videos from different locations in Spain and Portugal have been published by internet users. This was followed by a storm of comments on social media – with speculation about meteorites and even … aliens – which subsided when it became known that it was the wreckage of a space rocket.

An eyewitness described in a Twitter post that “cars stopped on a highway” and people were watching the spectacle in the sky.

The rocket was launched on June 5 and transported three astronauts to the Chinese space station.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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