At least 280 people have died in an earthquake in eastern Afghanistan


An earthquake in eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 280 people. Many people died and were injured, especially in Paktika province, disaster relief chief Mohammad Nassim Haqqani said. The earthquake overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday had a magnitude of 6.1.

Hundreds of people were injured in the natural disaster. Deaths have also been reported in other eastern provinces, such as Nangarhar and Khost. Authorities are still looking for other victims. The death toll is likely to rise further as reports from remote mountainous regions slowly trickle in.

The earthquake struck about 44 km from the city of Khost in the province of the same name, near the Pakistani border, at a depth of 51 km, according to the US Geological Survey. Photos on Afghan media show images of collapsed houses.

The quake was felt by about 119 million people in Pakistan, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). There are currently no reports of casualties or damage from this country.

In January, the country was rocked by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. At least 26 people were killed. The country continues to struggle with severe famine and poverty.

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