Suffering continued in Britain due to the rail strike


The unions are demanding an increase of 7%, compared to the 3% offer.

London, Thanasis Gavos

It continues today inconvenience to the passenger public in Britain after her first day yesterday workers’ strike on the national railway network and railway companies.

Wednesday is not a day of mobilizations, however it is estimated that it will only take place 60% of the usual itinerarywith passengers again urged to avoid trains if they can.

The disruption of the current program is attributed to that there was no night staff at the stations, so the morning trains will be delayed up to four hours in some cases, until the stations are staffed, the necessary security checks are made and all the trains are at the right place.

In a desperate attempt to thwart the next strikes on Thursday and Saturday, RMT, the largest railway workers’ union, has a meeting today with the management of the company management of the national railway network Network and the railway companies.

However, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned passengers that they should be prepared to go on strike, insisting that government decisions on railways were in the best interests of passengers.

Mr Johnson reiterated that wage increases offered to employees should not be in line with the level of inflation. The unions are demanding increases of 7%, compared to the 3% offer they have accepted. Inflation for May in the UK stood at 9.1%, according to data released this morning.

THE RMT general secretary Mick Leeds described the workers’ participation in Tuesday’s strike as “fantastic”.

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