A criminal group that stole elderly people was dismantled – 840,000 euros for booty


They were coming in in nursing homes pretending to be technicians and by the method of employment they stole whatever valuable they found, with their booty exceeding the 840,000 eurosin money, jewelry and valuables.

This is a criminal group, the dismemberment of which was announced by EL.AS. arresting eight of its 27 alleged members, all Roma from areas of Attica, Magnesia and Diavata Thessaloniki, with the majority being related to each other.

According to what has become known, acting with a different composition each time, the perpetrators, claiming some damage which they would supposedly repair as electricity or gas or elevator technicians, carried out the period from May last year to February of this year, one “hit” one after the other, reaching a total of 27, in various areas of the urban complex of Thessaloniki.

Radiographing their course of action, police officers of the Charilaou-Analipsi Security Department found that they selected elderly victims as candidate candidates, whom they located in public markets. It is characteristic that they occupied the victims when entering their homes and when they managed to enter them, with the above supposed properties, they “trapped” them in specific rooms so that their movements could not be perceived, something they achieved by moving electrical appliances. to locate the alleged fault. In addition to their own vehicles (five confiscated as part of the police investigation), they appear to have used even rented cars from rental companies.

Most of the alleged members of the criminal group (aged 21 to 59) have previously been prosecuted by the Prosecuting Authorities for related offenses, while police investigations are ongoing for the unarmed members and warrants have been issued for this purpose. At the same time, their involvement in similar thefts committed during the previous period is being investigated.

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