Energy agency urges EU countries not to shut down nuclear power plants yet


Now that there’s a better chance that Russia will completely shut off the gas tap next winter, it’s best to keep closed nuclear power plants open for a while, the head of the energy agency said on Wednesday. AIE in an interview with AIE. Financial Times (FT).

Russia has cut off gas supplies to several European countries in recent weeks because they refused to pay in rubles. This also applies to delivery within the Netherlands. However, this does not mean that we can no longer obtain Russian gas at all, because we can still import it from other countries.

But if Russian President Vladimir Putin closes the gas tap to all European countries, it will become much more difficult. According to IEA Director Fatih Birol, we must prepare for such a scenario. In the interview with FT he says he is satisfied with the reopening of coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands, among others, but according to him the measures do not go far enough.

“The closer we get to winter, the stricter the measures will have to become,” says Birol. It urges countries to postpone the planned shutdown of nuclear power plants. Such a shutdown is not on the table in the Netherlands, but in neighboring Germany half of nuclear power plants are expected to stop working by the end of this year. In Belgium they can certainly stay open until 2035.

Until recently, the EU depended on Russia for 40% of its gas consumption, but has since been able to reduce that share to 20%, according to consultancy ICIS. In addition to household consumption, gas is also used for electricity generation.

In order not to endanger the latter, Climate Minister Rob Jetten decided on Monday to produce more electricity in our country with coal.

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