Staikouras for accuracy check: There is no possibility for another supply


Regarding the increase in fuel prices and the Fuel pass 2, Mr. Staikouras said that “the total cost of interventions in fuel is about 320 million euros”.

“Today there is no possibility for any other benefit”, said the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras referring to the possibility of granting accuracy check.

As the minister explained, he wants great attention and insight in how a budget space is being exhausted. He added, however, that in the future they estimate that a financial space will be created for interventions, which will depend on the situation.

“Tomorrow begins the debate in Parliament on the extension of the reduced VAT to transport, catering, cinemas and gyms until the end of the year. “We have the abolition of the solidarity contribution for civil servants and retirees,” he said. MEGA.

To increase fuel prices and Fuel pass 2Mr. Staikouras said that “the total cost of interventions in fuel is about 320 million euros.”

“We did the fuel exercise based on the financial space we had. We used the budget space to help the citizens with fuel. Some time ago the help was in electricity and gas. We came and took a bolder initiative, in the same logic as our previous intervention in fuel, with expanded income criteria and increased subsidy. We cover 3.1 million cars out of the 3.5 million currently in circulation in Greece. We increase the subsidy by using a card from 55 euros that was on the islands, to 100, and in mainland Greece from 45 to 80. This subsidy is 44 cents per liter, or otherwise 80 euros per 180 liters. “This corresponds to a daily movement of 20 km. These were the possibilities”, he added.

When does the platform for Fuel Pass 2 open?

The minister said that the platform for the Fuel Pass will open at the end of July. “We seek the people to get this money at the end of July and the beginning of August. The same section of society will be assisted in early July by providing 60% of the electricity retroactively. We can not cover the entire charge in the citizen’s wallet. But economic policy does not end with just one intervention. The same household paid less ENFIA than last year. Unemployment fell, the minimum wage doubled. In the tax returns 75% of the citizens with the reductions we have made do not pay tax. All this was done to improve the disposable income of the citizen. “We are constantly coming to strengthen the economy as much as we can.”

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