Plevris: No pressure is expected on the national health system during the summer months


The Minister of Health Th. Characterized as logical and expected. Plevris the increase of coronavirus cases in the country in an interview with ERT1.

Regarding the increase in coronavirus cases, he said: “It was logical that we would have an increase in cases and as expected. It made sense. Not only because of the lifting of the measures, but also because the coronavirus works with waves and we always monitor the course of each wave.

Where there was a wave in the summer months, this wave was basically milder than the previous waves.

He had cases, as we have in us, but he did not have hospitalizations and especially heavy hospitalizations, respectively.

As the number of cases increases, so will the number of hospitalizations. But this increase is completely controllable. “The national health system is not under pressure from the coronavirus, nor is it expected to have such pressure in the summer months.”

Regarding the possibility of taking new measures for the pandemic, Mr. Plevris said that at the moment there is absolutely no reason for measures to be taken again. “You always judge with the data you have, because we are concerned about the cases, but we monitor the cases in combination with the pressure and let me tell you that yesterday, when we had the 12,500 cases, we had many tests for the first time, much more than “Compared to last week. And it is logical that at the moment we have a population of tourists that is constantly arriving and so you understood, there is more mobility of the coronavirus”, he said.

The measures have been lifted as mandatory, but there is a recommendation, he added, stating characteristically: “The recommendation is that when we are in places that may have a strong synchronicity we should take the measures that existed.

And especially for our most vulnerable fellow human beings, ie those who are over 60 or have a problem, it is good when they are in coloring conditions to use the mask. The fact that we have lifted the obligation in the sense of the administrative fine does not mean that these measures do not exist either “.

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