Schiphol sees more people during and around the weekend than during the week


Schiphol has taken steps to ensure that chaos at the airport remains limited in the coming months. But what does this mean for travellers? The most important questions and answers at a glance.

When will there be more clarity on the cancellation of flights?

Schiphol recently announced that in July there will be an average of 13,500 too many seats if all planes are completely full. The airport slot coordinator determines what this will mean for each airline. More clarity on this is expected soon.

Do people often miss a plane?

It happens of course, but according to Schiphol it’s not so bad. “Compared to the crowds at security checks lately, we see that the vast majority of travelers are making their flight,” said an airport spokesperson.

Where is the best place to check in and leave my suitcase?

Passengers can do this in the departure hall where they can check in with the airline they are traveling with.

Can I cancel my plane ticket for free because of the chaos?

Travelers who cancel their trip to avoid possible chaos at Schiphol cannot do so for free. Travel industry association ANVR says problems at the airport are not a valid reason. Director Frank Oostdam points out that it would spell the end for many travel organizations if people massively canceled their vacations due to the dreaded chaos.

Travel organizations TUI and Sunweb also claim that “uncertainty and feelings” are not legitimate reasons. They advise customers to be patient for now until the capacity limit is clearer.

Who can I hold responsible if my trip is canceled and am I entitled to compensation?

The airline must offer you certain choices in the event of cancellation, such as a refund of the ticket price within seven days and, if applicable, a free flight to the starting point of your trip.

According to the Consumers Association, it is also possible to choose an upcoming comparable flight to your final destination or a comparable flight on a day of your choice.

Not the airline, but the passenger can make this choice. If necessary, the airline must also provide assistance. Think food and drink, a hotel stay, and transportation.

How far in advance do I have to be present and what is the waiting time at the security check at Schiphol?

“We advise travelers to respect the advice time of the airline they are traveling with and to arrive no earlier than four hours in advance. Security waiting times differ depending on the day and time. “said a Schiphol spokesperson.

How do you stay informed if your flight is taking place?

This goes through the organization of the trip or the airline. It means keeping your finger on the pulse.

Do crowds arise at certain times or on certain days?

Since the May holidays and the period after, Schiphol has seen more people during and around the weekend than during the week.

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