Pavlakis: Omicron 5 violates vaccines


“There are too many who are not convinced by good and reasonable arguments. “It is the duty of the state to protect public health and at this stage the mask is mandatory,” he said. George Pavlakis, researcher and head of the vaccine department of the US National Foundation, speaking to ERT.

Commenting on the statements of the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris to ERT, who justifying the lifting of the measures claimed that Greece was following the other European countries, Mr. Pavlakis stated in this regard:

“It’s a global mistake. Unfortunately, the competition for a return to the economy, especially travel and tourism, makes everyone run after those who open first. That does not mean it’s right. “

According to the researcher, things in Greece have become dangerous again and we will definitely have an epidemic wave in the summer. “The wave has already started quite violently. It’s carbon off what happened to Delta last summer. “Omicron 5 appeared a few weeks earlier”, said Mr. Pavlakis, pointing out that the cases in the society are not measured well.

“Omicron 5 is a new virus. It violates the vaccines we know. All vaccinated will stick to Omicron 5 and can be found in the hospital. It seems to be a heavier virus, “added the head of the vaccine department of the US National Foundation.
We are already in the 6th wave of pandemic

For his part, Mr. Pavlakis added that the coronavirus leaves chronic diseases in patients, emphasizing the fact that “the

“We have a large percentage that a large percentage of our society will never be able to fully protect themselves. “This story has no end,” said the researcher.

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