Transavia cancels 240 flights at Schiphol during the summer months


Transavia is canceling 240 flights departing from Schiphol between July 7 and August 14 due to restrictions imposed by the airport due to crowds and lack of staff. As a result, more than 13,000 reservations are affected.

A replacement flight was found for 70% of canceled flights, for example from another airport. Of the remaining 30%, the ticket was cancelled.

Transavia normally flies 55 times a day from Schiphol. This amounts to 2,475 flights during this period, of which around 10% are now cancelled.

Schiphol has been moaning about a staff shortage for several months and this will not be resolved this summer. In order to cope with the crowds, the airport is asking airlines to reduce the number of passengers.

Only in July there is a daily capacity reduction of 13,500 seats, of which KLM is responsible for half. The rest must be completed by other airlines.

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