Staikouras for new support in fuel and electricity from the fall


The Minister of Finance underlined that everything is a matter of priorities, noting that if it is chosen to give a new accuracy check, any other support will be ruled out.

The Minister of Finance told SKAI 100.3 that an additional budget space will be created for interventions in the last months of 2022 in the summer. Christos Staikouras.

He noted, however, that it would be necessary new support for fuel and the next quarter after the end of September, if the situation remains the same. He also said that there may need to be new intervention for electricity, if prices rise further, while the abolition of the solidarity contribution to the public and pensioners from January 1, 2023 remains a priority of the government.

THE Minister of Finance He stressed that everything is a matter of priorities, noting that if a new accuracy check is chosen, any other support will be ruled out.

Referring to the scenarios for early elections, he stated that the planning of YPOIK is a four-year plan and added that the long pre-election period with great intensity is not positive for the country. In any case, what the Prime Minister himself has stated applies.

Earlier, Mr. Staikouras had stated in an interview that “It needs a lot of attention and insight into how a budget space is running out. We estimate that in the future a financial space will be created for interventions, which will depend on the situation. Tomorrow begins the debate in Parliament on the extension of the reduced VAT to transport, catering, cinemas and gyms until the end of the year “.


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