Plane engulfed in flames at Miami airport


Photos and videos from the Miami airport with the accident that fortunately did not end in tragedy are making the rounds of the internet.

The passengers of one lived moments of absolute terror airplane of the Dominican Republic, which encountered a problem in landing and ended up engulfed in flames in Miami airport.

The Red Air plane had departed from Santo Domingo bound for Miami, and was on board 126 passengers and 11 crew members when the accident happened.

According to Daily Mailon approaching the airport, the aircraft landing gear malfunctionedcausing the silver jet to land on its belly, hitting a small building and a communications tower before being engulfed in flames.

Three people were taken to hospital after the accident, which fortunately did not end in tragedy, thanks to the quick reflexes of the pilot, the crew and the fire brigade.

“I thought I was going to die,” said Paola Garcia, one of the passengers, on CBS Miami. As she explained, during the landing she was so frightened that she hugged the unknown old man who was sitting next to her on the plane. “It was horrible. We shook and many windows broke, and then everything stopped. “A few moments later, however, people started running outside because there was a fire.”

In the photos and videos that are circulating on the internet, one can see the smoke rising from the left side of the aircraft and the great damage to its nose. At the bottom of the plane, the deformed metal can be seen from the communication tower.

According to another passenger, Balo Delgado, the immediate intervention of the fire brigade that arrived within a minute reassured the passengers, who had panicked seeing the flames. This prevented the worst during the evacuation of the burning aircraft.

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