With faith for the double goal, OPAP Champion Michalis Anastasakis


“Photo finish”, “millimeters”, “centimeters”, “frames”, “meters”, “marginal difference”. Words intertwined with the classic sports, which capture in a nutshell the constant effort it takes to reach your goal. Approach your limits and often discover along the way which ones are finally yours, since you have already exceeded them.

OPAP CHAMPION and hammer thrower Michalis Anastasakis is having a very good year, but even if he is on the right track, he has not managed to reach the limit that will ensure his participation in the upcoming World Track and Field Championship. Only 14 cm separate him from his presence at the celebration of classic sports, as the throw at 77 meters and 36 cm that he managed at the throwing festival in Tripoli, do not allow him to participate in the World Championship with the limit being at 77.50.

The double goal of Michalis Anastasakis in the Panhellenic Championship

Having already made 2 shots above the limit of 77 meters, Michalis Anastasakis descends to the Panhellenic Championship on June 25 and 26 aiming for the first place that will give him the title of Greek champion. At the same time, he needs a shot at 77.5 meters to reach the limit of the World Championship and to win his participation there as well.

The sport of detail

Hammering is one of the most difficult sports in classical sports and one of the few individual sports that requires both physical strength and plasticity of movements. For a throw, you need a combination of movements in the legs, arms and torso so that the rotation is in the ideal proportion for the best result. Through an experiential video that chronicles the daily difficulty of the sport, OPAP Champion Michalis Anastasakis describes to OPAP’s camera what is required to star in this impressive sport.

Watch the video.

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