Skin: “I used an expired sunscreen and I got a 2nd degree burn”


To protect your skin from harmful UV rays, you must have good products. Morgan Vacala learned this the hard way. The young woman suffered severe facial burns in 2021 after applying sunscreen whose use-by date had expired. She shared her misadventure on her Tik Tok account to warn about the importance of having a quality product when exposing yourself to the sun.

“Don’t be stupid, check the expiry date of your sunscreen”

In order to warn as many people as possible about the consequences of sunburn, Morgan has published a series of photos of her severe forehead burn after UV exposure with old sun protection. His short film, revealing his skin burned to the 2ᵉ degree, puffy and covered with scabs, is accompanied by the caption: “Don’t be stupid, check the expiry date of your sunscreen”.

His post quickly went viral. As of June 20, 2022, there were over 7 million views. Faced with the shock of her subscribers, the young woman gave details of her misadventure in other publications. “Just a year ago today, I was in this swimming pool without a hat and with expired sunscreen”, indicates the young woman returning to the origin of her sunburn. And yet, Morgan Vacala is no novice: she is well aware of the dangers of reflection of UV on water. “I grew up boating and always being in a pool. I’ve never had burns like this“. “It took about 2 to 3 weeks to heal“, she wrote in an updated video.

Many netizens reacted to his story. “It happened to me when I was a kid. That’s why I always buy a new sunscreen every year,” one follower shared. Others thank the young woman for having warned them. “You just saved my family from severe burns“, commented one woman. “Day 2 of vacation and I just looked at the beach bag, and the creams are all expired”.

How do you know if your sunscreen is expired?

When sun creams have been opened for several months, the substances that block UV rays become less or not effective. The product then no longer protects the epidermis. This is why the products have a maximum storage date after opening. It is indicated on the packaging by the symbol of an open jar. The number inside specifies the number of months limit of use once the cream has been started: 6M for 6 months, 8M for 8 months, etc.

In addition, certain signs allow you to know if the sunscreen has expired:

  • I’odour : if the product has changed in smell, this may indicate the presence of bacteria;
  • a texture change : when the cream takes on the aspect of curdled milk or lumps are present, it is recommended not to use the protection;
  • the cream comes out of the tube : if the total screen escapes from the jar without any shaking, it must be thrown away;
  • a out of phase product : we speak of a phase-shifted substance when the fatty phase rises and a transparent or partially transparent liquid comes out of the tube.
  • them itching : if itching or tingling appear a few minutes after applying the protection, rinse the skin quickly with clear water.
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