Bach flowers: 5 elixirs to calm anxieties


Bach flowers are natural remedies developed in the 20th century by the English physician Dr Edward Bach, most of which are derived from flowers. These flower essences are created from strong dilutions of plants infused in a mixture of water and alcohol.

“The remedy captures the ‘positive’ or ‘therapeutic’ vibration of a flower, preserves it and transmits it to the affected organism”, details the specialist in natural remedies Paul Ferris, in his book The Bach Flower Guide. Thus, this English doctor has associated several plants according to their language or their signature, with an emotional or pathological state. With this method, he defined five flower essences that would benefit people with anxiety.

Flower elixirs to treat yourself without drugs

“Heal yourself”, Dr. Bach liked to repeat, who thought that everyone should be able to heal themselves by making their own remedies. According to this doctor, most conditions are first linked to an affective or emotional problem. As a result, the 39 essences of Dr. Bach can be indicated to relieve many classic disorders such as fears, aggressiveness, hypochondria, hyperemotivity, lack of self-confidence… and anxieties!

Regarding heavier psychological disorders (addiction, panic attacks, etc.), these remedies can help, but will never be the only solution.

Bach flowers: how to use these natural remedies?

This remedy should preferably be taken at least half an hour from any food intake or drink.”, warns the specialist. For deep disorders, the improvement is smooth and can take several weeks. But if nothing “is felt within five to six days, try another essence.”

The 39 remedies of Dr. Bach are not considered drugs and there are no known contraindications or side effects nowadays. Nevertheless, due to the tiny presence of alcohol, they are not recommended for pregnant women and children under three years old.

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